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Voice From The Grave True Story Movie

The movie Voice from the Grave is based on the murder of Teresita Basa. It was inspired by an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Basa's story has also appeared in books. The movie premiered in 1996. Read the real case below.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Teresita Basa and Allan Showery aka Allen Showery

Facts in the murder of Teresita Basa
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

The real story started in 1977 in Chicago. The real killer was African American and the real woman was Fillipino. The true story has been the subject of many articles, talk shows, and books.
Teresa Basa was Fillipino. She immigrated to Chicago to try and improve her life. She worked as a respitaory therapist at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago. According to other hospital staff, she was a professional and very dedicated to her patients. They did not know of anyone who would want to hurt her.

The Murder

February 21, 1977: At about 9 pm firefighters responded to a call of a fire at a nearby building. Upon arrival, police discover the body of Teresita Basa in her apartment in Chicago engulfed in flames. She had been stabbed, and burned.The autopsy indicted that she had not been violated. Nothing was missing from her apartment that they could see, and the police could not find any suspects.  The only thing that was found was a note that indicated that someone by the name of AS was supposed to give her some theater tickets. Afterward, the case goes cold.

About 6 months later, the police received a strange call from the Chuas. They told the police that Mrs. Jose Chua, started to see the ghost of Teresita. The Chua's worked at the same hospital as Teresita, but only knew her in passing. Strangely one day Mrs. Chua entered a trance like state and began speaking in a different tongue. In a very scary weird-like voice she stated: I am Teresita Basa. She thought she was dreaming at first.  This would happen to her periodically for almost a week each time a little bit more information was given.  The voice revealed the following information: the man responsible for the murder was a man by the name Allan Showery, and that the proof could be found with Showery's girlfriend. The Chua's were terrified.The police, though somewhat apprehensive, decided to look into the information. They then made the connection to the note that had the initials AS. The voice stated : "After he killed me, he took my jewelry and gave it to his girlfriend." Coworkers indicated that Showery was supposed to go to Teresita's house to fix her television. When the police questioned him,  he admitted that he had arrived at her home to fix her tv, but that he had returned home to get his tools. The girlfriend was interviewed, and she indicated that Allan had given her some jewelry. When the family of Teresita examined the jewelry they were able to identify key pieces of jewelry that belonged to Teresita. So the police  confronted him again,  and he finally confessed to her murder.  According to the confession:

He decided to go back to her apartment that night to rob her. When Teresita let him in and turned her back, he grabbed her and put her in a choke hold and held her in that position until she stopped moving. When it appeared that she was no longer breathing, he drug her body into the living room where he snatched her clothes off . He then got the mattress from the bedroom, put it on top of Teresita's body,  and set it on fire.

Upon searching Allan Showery's home, they also found a necklace belonging to Teresita Basa. He was arrested and tried for murder. The trial ended in a hung jury the first time. In the end, Allan Showery was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He was released from prison sometime before 1990 after serving his 14 year sentenced. He then relocated Brooklyn, New York. He has also lived in California.


Information about Allan Showery can be found also under the name Allen Showery and Alan Showery.

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Other Stories about Voices from the Grave

For extra reading, here are a few more stories of people who have heard voices from the grave. These stories are not affiliated with the movie nor the story above on which the movie is based.

June 1995 Colorado David Chase Speaks From the Grave
In 1995 Private investigator, Phil Harris, was sleeping in his chair one evening when he heard a voice from the grave. The voice told him that his name was David Chase, and that he had been murdered. The next morning the investigator looked in the newspapers to see if he could find any mention of David Chase. When he found the article he knew that he was not dreaming the night before. The voice told him that Phil needed to help solve his murder. The voice told him that he was supposed to buy a truck from Matt Orahoske, but that he was uneasy about the transaction, and he began to change his mind. He told Matt about his reservations, and Matt became enraged. They began fighting near the creek when all of a sudden Matt hit him with a hard object that broke his neck. He said that Matt began to cut his clothes. There was another person involved that helped discard the body. 

David was scheduled to work with a man to do an odd job on a house. At lunch time David stopped by the bank and withdrew money from his account. He was not seen since. The next day, Matt Orahoske’s girlfriend drove to Matt’s home and demanded to know of his whereabouts. Matt told her that he left David at the bar. The Bear Creek River was a river that ran adjacent to the bar where Matt claimed he left David. Matt’s wife to Judi Chase a different account of what happened to Matt. Judi Chase then contacted the police. Matt told the police that after they had drinks, they loaded some tree trunks into the river when all of a sudden David jumped in the river. David’s body was found a little over a month later in Bear Creek. The autopsy report stated that the cause of death was drowning. However, the autopsy report did not show that David was heavily intoxicated. It also stated that David had scrapes and a broken neck. His clothes had been cut from his body, but his shoes and socks were still on him. Police questioned Matt again, and then he changed his story. He stated in the second interview that David had fallen into the Bear Creek River.

Phil knew that he had to do something about it. He met with David’s wife Judi. Phil Harris knew personal details about the case and about David that no one else would know. Phil told her that he would investigate the case until it was solved. Unfortunately, Phil Harris died of a heart attack before the case could be solved.

Matt has not been arrested for the murder. David Chase’s murder remains unsolved.