Sunday, January 1, 2012

Other Stories about Voices from the Grave

For extra reading, here are a few more stories of people who have heard voices from the grave. These stories are not affiliated with the movie nor the story above on which the movie is based.

June 1995 Colorado David Chase Speaks From the Grave
In 1995 Private investigator, Phil Harris, was sleeping in his chair one evening when he heard a voice from the grave. The voice told him that his name was David Chase, and that he had been murdered. The next morning the investigator looked in the newspapers to see if he could find any mention of David Chase. When he found the article he knew that he was not dreaming the night before. The voice told him that Phil needed to help solve his murder. The voice told him that he was supposed to buy a truck from Matt Orahoske, but that he was uneasy about the transaction, and he began to change his mind. He told Matt about his reservations, and Matt became enraged. They began fighting near the creek when all of a sudden Matt hit him with a hard object that broke his neck. He said that Matt began to cut his clothes. There was another person involved that helped discard the body. 

David was scheduled to work with a man to do an odd job on a house. At lunch time David stopped by the bank and withdrew money from his account. He was not seen since. The next day, Matt Orahoske’s girlfriend drove to Matt’s home and demanded to know of his whereabouts. Matt told her that he left David at the bar. The Bear Creek River was a river that ran adjacent to the bar where Matt claimed he left David. Matt’s wife to Judi Chase a different account of what happened to Matt. Judi Chase then contacted the police. Matt told the police that after they had drinks, they loaded some tree trunks into the river when all of a sudden David jumped in the river. David’s body was found a little over a month later in Bear Creek. The autopsy report stated that the cause of death was drowning. However, the autopsy report did not show that David was heavily intoxicated. It also stated that David had scrapes and a broken neck. His clothes had been cut from his body, but his shoes and socks were still on him. Police questioned Matt again, and then he changed his story. He stated in the second interview that David had fallen into the Bear Creek River.

Phil knew that he had to do something about it. He met with David’s wife Judi. Phil Harris knew personal details about the case and about David that no one else would know. Phil told her that he would investigate the case until it was solved. Unfortunately, Phil Harris died of a heart attack before the case could be solved.

Matt has not been arrested for the murder. David Chase’s murder remains unsolved.

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